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The Importance Of Planning Ahead With A Funeral Director

Planning with the right funeral directors becomes more important as time goes on. We understand that facing your own mortality can be difficult. This is why at Morgan Vowles, we make it our priority to ensure that planning your funeral is an easy and stress-free process.

Of course, it’s difficult making these decisions. Knowing you’re not going to be around to see them carried out is a strange and often saddening thought. However, it’s important to realise that planning your own funeral takes a lot of pressure off your loved ones. It also gives them comfort, as they’ll know you’re getting the send-off that you wanted.

We do everything we can to make sure your loved ones are at ease and supported during this time. By planning ahead, you can help with this too. Let’s look at a few of the things our certified, experienced and empathetic funeral directors can do for you to help with planning.

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What Funeral Directors Can Do For You

Funeral directors can help you every step of the way when it comes to planning the funeral you want. We offer support and guidance with care and empathy, as it’s important to us that you get the send-off that you deserve. Logistical preparations and general legal requirements will come as standard in all the plans we offer, so it’s just up to you to decide on the extras you want.


The size of your funeral party will dictate the transportation requirements. We offer a hearse as standard with most of our plans. You can also include limousines for your loved ones, so they can be with you every step of the way.


At Morgan Vowel Funeral Directors we offer a unique memorials service. Our partner company Griffith Memorials can provide all manner of designs and styles for your memorial stone.

Not only this, we also offer options for customised stone urns if you opt for cremation.

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Ceremony & Casket

The type of ceremony you have should represent you as a person. It’s appropriate for your friends and family to remember you in death, as you were in life.

That’s why we make sure to compile as many details as possible to make your ceremony unique. Our funeral directors will offer you a range of personalised casket options as well as structure, decoration and atmosphere for your ceremony.

Funeral Directors Responsibility

As directors of your funeral, it is our responsibility to ensure you are represented appropriately after your passing. We cover a range of duties in our packages. However, our services are much more than simply providing a package.

We also aspire to be a helping hand for your loved ones throughout the process. Our team offer bereavement services through SAIF, and all our directors are trained and certified in counselling to help your friends and family when they need us most. Support and empathy are a priority for us. We deal with death every day, and so we understand how hard it can be to endure.

Get In Touch With Morgan Vowels Funeral Directors For Support

To take the first steps towards planning your funeral, contact Morgan Vowels Funeral Directors. We offer an empathetic approach through a difficult process. With a funeral plan in place, your loved ones will have less hard decisions to make. This leaves them with more time to support each other and celebrate your life.

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