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How To Choose The Right Coffin For Your Loved One

As the final resting place of your loved one, coffins are a choice to be made with care and consideration. There’s a range of sentiments to think about when choosing the right coffin. One of the most important aspects is comfort. That’s because your funeral director should be considering not only the comfort of those that passed, but of yours as the loved one left behind, too.

It’s important that you’re happy with the decision you’ve made. The right coffin will help you to create the perfect send off for your friend or family member. We provide a selection of various materials and styles to suit, so you can get exactly what you want for their final place of rest.

Styles Of Coffins

Coffins come in all shapes and sizes. It can be overwhelming to decide what is appropriate during such a difficult time. As a result, we’ve provided a brief summary of different styles, to help you make the decision. Here is a breakdown of the different coffins we can offer:


Traditional coffins are the typical style that often comes to mind. Made from various hardwoods and finished with a high level of craftsmanship, these caskets are often expensive, but beautiful.

You can identify a traditional style by its shape. The sides should grow narrower towards the bottom and the top should be flat.

American Caskets

American caskets are somewhat similar to traditional coffins, in that they are made with a high level of craftsmanship. However, they usually feature alternative materials including metals. They are shaped slightly differently and have lavish interiors.

They tend to feature a rounded top with more accessories than a traditional style.

Plain wood coffin

Eco Coffins

We source all of our eco-friendly coffins from sustainable sources, to ensure that your container will be environmentally friendly. The materials usually consist of:

  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo
  • Willow
  • Banana Plant

If the deceased has lived a life conscious of the environment around them, then it makes sense that they’d like to pass on that way too. Although most coffins are made with materials that will eventually breakdown, some are not. For that reason, using an eco-coffin can ensure they are given the opportunity to continue this care and consideration for the environment, to the very end.

Personalised Coffins

These types of caskets are becoming increasingly common. They are made of MDF or similar materials, and are printed with a style or image that the loved one chooses. There is some crossover between personalised and eco-friendly coffins. Cardboard can be used as an alternative to MDF. The great benefit of a customised container is that it gives you an opportunity to see your loved one represented by something they cared for. The personality and character of those that have passed can be lost in a ceremony, so a personalised casket reminds the friends and family of who they were in life.

Why We Use Coffins

Coffins are used with sentimentality and legality in mind. Of course, you want the final resting place of your loved one to be a reflection of the life they led. We understand this at Morgan Vowels, and strive to offer you a range of carefully crafted caskets to suit whatever you desire.

However, it is also a legal matter. The deceased must be covered in public, as stated within UK law. What somebody chooses to cover their loved one with is entirely up to them, but something must be used.


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