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Important Information to Consider Before Buying a Funeral Plan

We believe that a funeral plan is a wise decision. As well as benefitting from planning your own funeral, you can also save money. However, purchasing a pre-paid plan is a big commitment, therefore, it is essential that you understand the terms, conditions, and payment options available to you.

At Morgan T. Vowles, we provide a unique impartial service where you can sit with our representative that has access to a wide range of plans from leading providers such as Golden Charter, Golden Leaves, Age Concern, Perfect Choice, Avalon and more. As we offer so many different options, the terms and conditions will vary depending on which plan you choose.

Ensure the Plan Meets Your Wishes

With the opportunity to plan ahead, you can choose to arrange your funeral as you wish. We advise that you consider the options carefully so that when the time comes, it truly reflects your wishes.

Paying for Your Plan

It is important that you choose a payment plan that you can afford. Payment options across pre-paid funeral plan providers usually include the option to pre-pay the costs over a set repayment term or in one lump sum. Consider your financial situation before you sign up to ensure your repayments are affordable.

Appointing Morgan T. Vowles as Your Funeral Director

All the plans we offer allow you to request our dedicated funeral services. When you appoint us as your funeral director, you guarantee our services when the time comes.

Beware of plan providers on the television, in newspapers, magazines and online that promise low cost prices that are too good to be true. Usually, they really are too good to be true and many will not allow you to appoint your chosen funeral director. We advise doing your own careful research before you commit.

Your Right to Cancel

Each provider will have terms and conditions relating to your right to cancel. Read this information carefully to ensure you are happy with the terms of the contract.

Many providers will offer a cooling off period of up to 30 days. Plans cancelled after 30 days may incur a cancellation fee. On some of the longer payment plans, exiting a contract later on may result in loss of cover without refund. Please ensure you are aware of the conditions before signing up. Our advisor will be happy to explain the small print with a jargon free approach.

Ensure Your Money is Safe

All our providers hold your money safely in a trust or the funds may be used to take out a life assurance policy. If you are looking elsewhere, it is vital that you make sure your money will be protected.

Call Morgan T. Vowles Funeral Directors

If you need any more advice before you commit to a funeral plan, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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