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Direct Cremation Vs Burial: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re planning your own funeral or have the task of arranging one for someone else, you might have come across the term ‘direct cremation’. Direct cremation is becoming more common. It’s a simple and straightforward process when compared to a traditional burial. However, the option you choose will depend on you or your loved one’s preference and budget.

It’s never easy making these decisions. At Morgan Vowles, we are here to support you with a range of options and advice. We’ll ensure that everything goes to plan with as little distress as possible.

To help you through this, we’ve outlined the different options we have available to you and what they are.

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What Is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is the simplest way to put your loved one to rest. They are the least expensive option, usually costing less than half that of a traditional burial. If relieving your loved ones of the distress that comes with planning a funeral is important, you may choose this option for your own passing.

The process is carried out at the convenience of the funeral director and crematorium and is not attended by loved ones. The celebration of the deceased’s life can be arranged at a later date where family and friends can attend and pay their respects without a traditional funeral.

The disadvantage of direct cremation is that there is no opportunity to see your loved one, and that can be upsetting for some. The body is cremated privately, and you will receive their ashes in an urn afterwards. There is no arranged funeral, the funeral director will simply oversee the cremation. Afterwards, you can choose to celebrate their life in any way that you see fit.

Is A Traditional Burial Right For You?

A traditional burial is traditional for a reason. Many people consider burials to be important for personal and religious reasons. Some people feel uncomfortable at the thought of cremation. There are many reasons some might choose a burial over a cremation. In addition to this, when compared to direct cremation, a burial is far more costly.

What Do Funeral Directors Do?

No matter if you choose a burial or a direct cremation, at Morgan Vowles, we want to make sure you’re supported through the whole process. As a SAIF member, we are here to help. Planning a funeral can be a very difficult time, but we know that you want to celebrate your loved ones’ life in the best way possible. This why we offer the following:

  • Care of the deceased, with viewing opportunities.
  • Embalming services, accredited through the BIOE.
  • A selection of coffins.
  • Bespoke ceremonies with a wide range of customisation options.
  • Personalised memorial stones & urns.
  • Personalised planning suited to you.
  • Cover of all ceremony elements such as eulogies, flowers and charitable donations.
  • And much more.

A traditional burial can incorporate all of these options. As a rule, it usually consists of transportation, a ceremony and an attended burial. These are features that are not included with direct cremation. The extent at which you want to customise your plan is entirely up to you, and we will support you with everything you need throughout.


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Your wellbeing is our priority. We will do whatever we can to be there during your time of need. If this discussion has helped you to decide between a tradition burial or direct cremation, get in touch with our accredited and expert directors to begin your plans.

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