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Direct Cremation Pontypridd

A direct cremation is our most affordable type of funeral and people may choose this option for a number of reasons. If funeral expenses are worrying you, then a direct cremation or basic funeral will provide a dignified, low cost alternative to traditional services. Although these services cost less, you can still expect the same level of care and professionalism that you would receive with any of our other services. If you would like further information on direct cremation in Pontypridd, Trehafod or the South Wales Valleys, please contact us.

Reasons for Choosing a Simple Cremation

There are countless reasons why people choose simple cremations over traditional services. Some people prefer to keep expenses down, while others may simply not want a fuss. In some cases, the survivors are few and far between, or may be unable to attend a service, making a simple funeral the most suitable option to choose.

What is Direct Cremation?

The main difference is that these funerals do not include a ceremony that mourners can attend. The deceased is conveyed to the crematorium for cremation at a time chosen by us, which is usually early morning.

Although there is no formal ceremony at the crematorium, this does not mean that you cannot honour your loved one. Rather, it allows you the option to arrange a special ceremony at a time and place that you wish.

For those that want to have a ceremony beforehand, consider our traditional funeral services or basic funerals.

Basic Funerals

Our basic funeral provides the option to have a low cost funeral that includes a small service before the cremation. The service can take place at our chapel of rest or at the crematorium.

What Is Included?

Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply in certain instances. For example, long distance collections and bariatric funerals may incur further costs.

Unattended funerals are the least expensive service that we offer. They start from just £1,430 (subject to inflation).

The ceremony is a short service lasting around 15 minutes.

Talk to Us About Simple Funerals

For further information about our simple funerals and direct cremation in Pontypridd and the local areas, please contact our supportive team.

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