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Chapel of Rest Pontypridd

Our chapel of rest in Pontypridd is modern and tranquil. It and has family rooms, private visitation rooms and is suitable for funeral ceremonies. The premises is fully air conditioned, comfortable, has tasteful décor, and our staff are always on hand to support bereaved families. If you would like to arrange a private family viewing or discuss the option of using the chapel for a funeral service, please contact us.

Funerals in the Chapel of Rest

For funeral services, the chapel can accommodate up to 90 mourners with 50 seating and 30-40 standing. We welcome all denominations and can decorate the chapel to represent all faiths. If required, we can also arrange flowers and organise a donation collection box. All donations will be passed to the family after the ceremony.

Our chapel of rest is fully equipped with everything you may need for the ceremony such as audio-visual technology for music and videos, microphones, screens and webcasting technology. If you are planning a large service, we can provide a screen outside so additional mourners can attend the service.

Private Family Viewings

If you would like to arrange a private family viewing, please contact us. This option provides families with the opportunity to take some quiet moments with their loved one in peace and tranquillity.

Many people find private viewings can help with accepting the loss of a loved one. It can also assist with the grieving process. However, we understand that not all people will want to arrange a visit. Whatever you choose, we are here to provide support and will respect your decision.

All private viewings must be arranged in advance, so please let us know when you would like to visit your loved one.

What should I expect if I decide to arrange a private viewing?

Your loved one will be dressed in either a shroud, gown or clothes chosen by the family. They will be laid peacefully in the coffin or casket in our private viewing room. The room has calming décor and comfortable seating. Flowers, photographs and other personal effects or religious symbols can be arranged. Just let us know what you would like in place for your visit.

Saying goodbye can be difficult. For many, spending some final moments with their loved one can serve as a meaningful experience and can help the grieving process to begin. Seeing your loved one can be a profound and emotional experience and the visit can make your loss seem more real. Our qualified SAIF Care bereavement counsellors are here to support and comfort you should you need us.

Find Out more About Our Private Chapel of Rest

If you need any more information about our private chapel of rest in Pontypridd, then please contact us. Our team can offer advice on private family viewings and using the chapel for funeral services.

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