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Traditional Funerals Pontypridd

We arrange traditional funerals in Pontypridd, Trehafod and the South Wales Valleys for both burials and cremations. This type of funeral includes provision of a hearse to convey your loved one to the church, place of worship or crematorium, and a bespoke ceremony to commemorate their life. If you would like more information on our traditional services, please contact us.

Burial or Cremation?

You may already know if you need to arrange a burial or cremation as your loved one may have made their wishes known. However, for many families, the choice falls into their hands.

This decision should be carefully considered. Many people choose a burial because they want a lasting memorial that they can visit. Whereas others may choose a cremation because they may be planning on moving away from the area in the future, or do not feel the need to have a permanent place to visit. Whatever you choose, we are here to support you.

Traditional Burials

A traditional burial usually involves a service either at a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, mandir, our chapel of rest or another religious or non-religious location. Following the ceremony, the body is interred to the ground.

Our bespoke service allows you to choose all aspects including a choice of traditional or alternative transport, funeral procession, order of service, hymns and songs, music, poetry, eulogies, videos, photo slides, flowers and more. We can also arrange webcasting so that mourners that cannot attend in person can still feel part of the ceremony and pay their final respects.

Traditional Cremations

Traditional cremations typically involve a ceremony which can take place at your chosen place of worship or at the crematorium. Again, you have the option to plan every detail to create a fitting send-off for your loved one. Crematoriums are equipped with all the technology you will need including AV and webcasting equipment.

What Does a Traditional Funeral Include?

Although traditional funerals follow a formal routine, you have the option to tailor many aspects so that you can create a service that will honour your loved one. These types of services include:

Yes. The venue for the ceremony may have a limit of the number of people that can sit or stand during the service, however, we can arrange outdoor screens and webcasting for large funerals.

A burial will require a fee for the cemetery plot, however, that does not make burials necessarily cheaper than cremations. The cost will depend on many factors such as the ceremony venue, number of funeral cars, type of coffin, flowers, wake, and any other personal touches you want to include.

Contact Us to Arrange a Traditional Burial or Cremation

For further information or to arrange a meeting to plan a traditional funeral in Pontypridd, Trehafod, or anywhere in the South Wales Valleys, please contact us.

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