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Grieving & Bereavement Support

Losing someone you love can be one of the most difficult times in your life. Everyone experiences grief in different ways and the emotional impact of losing someone so close to you can be difficult to accept. Only you know how you really feel inside and sometimes it can be easier to talk to someone outside your family circle. Our staff are fully trained to support clients with a friendly, non-judgemental, listening ear. Our SAIF membership means that all our clients can access SAIF Care bereavement support free of charge. If you need emotional support following the death of a loved one, then please do not suffer in silence and seek support from our caring team.

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The Grieving Process

The grieving process is different for everyone. For some it starts straight away, for some emotional blocks can cause the process to be delayed, and for family and friends of terminally ill people, the grieving process can start even before their loved one has died.

Some people can work through their emotions with support from friends and family but for others, just the thought of speaking of emotional turmoil with people close to them out loud is something they simply just can’t face. That’s’ when professional bereavement support and grief counselling can really make a difference.


SAIF Care bereavement support is available to all our clients. Our staff, here at Morgan T. Vowles Funeral Directors, are trained to help people that are grieving and can support you in seeking professional help from the team at SAIF Care. The telephone line and live chat system is easy to access and is run by a qualified team that are trained in bereavement counselling.

The free helpline service offers advice, information, and the opportunity to speak to dedicated and qualified specialist. Call, email or use the live webchat to speak to someone who can help. If you need ongoing help from a counsellor, then the team will do all they can to help you access the services that you need.

No. As members of SAIF, you can access the SAIF Care services free of charge.

When you speak with your SAIF Care specialist, they may point you in the direction of ongoing bereavement counselling. For some people, the simple opportunity to talk through profound feelings with a qualified support specialist is enough. For those that require extra help, ongoing counselling may be recommended for consideration.

The team at SAIF will always try to find you free of charge support whenever possible. They can recommend local bereavement groups, and in some cases, counselling may be funded by your SAIF funeral director.

If you need ongoing privately funded support, then the SAIF Care team can help you access many counsellors across the UK on a private fee-paying basis.

Get The Bereavement Support You Need with Morgan T. Vowles

If you are struggling with grief, then please speak to our caring team. We can help you access the bereavement support you need.

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